#371 Car 3D Logo Intro Template for After Effects

After Effects CS6, CC | Element 3D Plugin | 1920 x 1080 ————————————————————————————


  • Full HD
  • After Effects CS6,CC
  • Easy to use
  • Element 3D Plugin
  • Fast render
  • Customizable
  • Music included
  • File Size : 11 mb



First, load 3D models and textures:

1.click on a layer “Element 3d v2”
2.“Effect controls” window, than“scene setup”
3.top menu “Files” – “Relink scene files”
4.chose folder “MODELS AND TEXTURES”, click Relink/OK

Edit your Text:

1. double click on the layer “your text” and “your text 2”

2. Type your text

3. in layer “Element 3d v2”, choose window “Effect controls” – “custom layers” – “custom text and masks” change “path layer 1” on “your text” and “path layer 2” on “your text 2”

4. for text position or scale, click “scene setup” and use “Your titles” folder

Edit your Logo:

1. double click on composition “Your Logo”

2. Drag&drop your picture(scale if you need)

3. Return to the previuos comp, click on “Your Logo”, in AE-Top menu choose “Layer” – Auto-trace, ok

4. click window “Effect controls” – “custom layers” – “custom text and masks” change “path layer 3” on your Your logo

5. If you need change position or scale, click “scene setup” and choose “Your logo” folder.

6. If you don’t need a circle around the logo, open “Your logo” folder and turn off “Tube model”.


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4 Responses

  1. Gold says:

    Even if I change the logo is not displayed, can you tell me why? I import the new logo, create the new automatic level and then nothing disappears the logo even if on masks is set to 3 * my logo. Do I need to do anything else on setup element?

  2. Gold says:

    Solved. I was wrong, I was automatically tracking the logo on “Your Logo” and not on “Main 1080p” .. Automatically it is Ok doing the automatic track in the right place

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